Intermediate Driver Lessons

Elevate your driving skills with Kishugu Driving Academy’s Intermediate Driver Lessons.

Designed for drivers who have the basics down but struggle with confidence behind the wheel, our course offers 5 hours of dedicated guidance for only R1300. In our low-pressure learning environment, you’ll receive encouragement and support from our highly experienced instructors, who are committed to helping you overcome any uncertainty. With personalised attention and a focus on safe driving practices, we aim to strengthen your driving abilities and boost your self-assurance on the road. Join us for a journey of growth and become the assured driver you are meant to be. Let’s navigate this path together, and transform your nervousness into confidence. Enroll now at Kishugu Driving Academy, where confident driving begins.

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R1,300.00 incl. VAT

Course duration

5-Hours of Driver Training Lessons

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On- or off-site training

On- & Off-Site Available

Course Includes:

For Code 8/B, Code 10/C or Code 14/EC learners
Must be in possession of a Learners Licence
Includes vehicle rental for training
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Interested in training for your company?

Off-site training available at your business

Contact one of our Business Sales Executives for tailored made training solutions for your business.

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Will the Lessons be applicable for any Driving Licence?

Yes, the Kishugu Driving Academy Beginners Lessons will cover either Code 8/B, Code 10/C or Code 14/EC.

Why choose Kishugu Driving Academy Lessons?

  • Low-pressure lesson environment.
  • Only fully insured, well maintained vehicles are used.
  • Test car and lesson car are the same.
  • Structured modular lessons.
  • We focus on both traffic preparation and test preparation.
  • Fully-accredited, experienced instructors.

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