Smart kids are FireWise

5 Apr, 2018Kishugu Training

Kishugu Training and Care for Wild held a Fire Awareness and conservation drive at Fairview Primary School in Barberton on Monday, 26 March 2018.

Skilled instructors turned to theatre to embody their fire knowledge in a way that is entertaining and educational. They demonstrated how easily fires start and who to contact. Techniques such as ‘Stop, drop and roll’ created memorable moments amongst scholars as instructors repeatedly fell to the ground rolling around to emphasise how quickly one should act should your clothes catch fire.

“Unwanted wildfires are a normal occurrence in the Lowveld region due to our vegetation, the numerous surrounding game reserves, as well as the Kruger Park,” said Paulus Kavavu, Leadership Training Coordinator at the Kishugu Training Academy. Children must understand that any fire (whether for daily cooking, chores or activities) can lead to disaster. Consciously thinking about, and working with fire, reduces the loss of lives, property and the environment due to uneducated fire decisions. Kavavu emphasised that an understanding of the dangers that fires pose, cultivates calculated fire behaviour.

Bigger Wildfires
Bigger Wildfires
Bigger Wildfires
Bigger Wildfires

Wildfires also impact habitat, with animals and people living in ever closer proximity to each other. It is therefore important to foster conservationism from an early age.

Care for Wild Africa had a strong message against poaching, and explained the effect it has on orphaned rhinos. “We have to remember that tomorrow’s leaders are today’s children. We are the ones to inspire and encourage them to not only think of themselves, but also nature. It is important to know where you are from, and rhinos play a big part in our heritage. We are privileged to see rhinos in the wild today, and our future generations deserve the same privilege,” Petronel Niewoudt, owner of Care for Wild Africa concluded.

“At Kishugu Training we believe in making a difference in the world through education and continuous support for communities by sharing our knowledge” stated Kishugu Training’s CEO, Willie Buchner. “The day was an enormous success,” Willie concluded.

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