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I-CAT Blaze Buster

I-CAT Fire Solutions’ BLAZE BUSTER is a rapid response self-contained foam mist system. Its large Foam Mist canon gives the unit a discharge range of approximately 30 meters and the retractable mist hose reel is fitted with an additional gun that can be used simultaneously with the canon enabling two firefighters combating a fire at the same time.

The BLAZE BUSTER consists of 4 x 230 litre self-contained and pre-mixed foam cylinders, that can be compared to a 20 000l fire engine. No diesel motor, pumps or any external water supply is required.

Zero start-up time

The BLAZE BUSTER Foam Unit does not require any start-up time and is ready for extinguishing immediately and on demand. The BLAZE BUSTER weighs less than 1 tonne and can be fitted to a single or club/super cab pick-up or trailer.

The BLAZE BUSTER is quick to be re-instated onsite by refilling the cylinders with the required amount of water (measuring equipment included) and adding a foam additive at 1% (foam additive containers included) and then re- pressurised with Nitrogen within minutes.


Airports and Airfields
Bus Depots
Small Industries
Mining Operations
Fuel Storage Depots
Offshore Oil Platforms
Oil Refineries
Military Applications

Kishugu® Training and I-CAT showcase leading fire technology

Kishugu® Training and I-CAT had a Buscor demonstration to showcase what the perfect combination of training and leading fire technology can do to extinguish any fire in seconds. Kishugu® Training is a distributor and trainer for all the latest I-CAT Fire Solution Systems. Our firefighters assisted throughout the process.

The Blaze Buster and Roto-Fire-Pack units are used to extinguish the fire in the video.


The revolutionary new Roto-Fire-Pac has unique features, is easy to use and can extinguish any type of fire!

The Roto-Fire-Pac’s directional control of stream allows for fire extinguishing from any angle. It offers increased safety for operators as compared to other technologies. The unique nozzle creates a mist “halo” that protects the fire fighters from radiated heat and smoke. The mist stream can be used to protect trapped victims from flames, heat, and smoke. It is a totally sustainable technology: completely safe for people, property and the environment.

System Advantages

Creates a thermal shield that protects the firefighter.
Compact, mobile and easy to use.
Easy and economical to refill.
Environmentally friendly technology and system.
Gives the extinguishing capability of a standard 1,000-litre system.
No special training needed to operate.


Mining Proto Teams.
High structures and conveyors.
Difficult to reach places.
Fuel storage areas.
Underground and mining tunnels.
Fire rescue services.

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