National Certificate: Forestry Silviculture

This qualification will be useful to those who help to establish, maintain and protect forests within a silvicultural context, and who seek recognition for essential skills in forestry operations. The qualification recognises fairly specialised work skills with some need to supervise, instruct and organise others within routine contexts and according to given procedures. However, in most situations, the learners will be working under supervision themselves.

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10 Months

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Entry level

Minimum Grade 12



Completing this course will enable you to:

Learners will be able to enhance safety and productivity in silviculture, and this qualification provides evidence of a proven ability to:

  • Communicate in a variety of ways.
  • Use mathematics in real life situations.
  • Supervise and participate in wildfire suppression.
  • Clear trees.
  • Participate in silviculture-related activities.
  • Supervise silviculture operations.


Depending in electives chosen, recipients will be able to:

  • Provide fire protection support.
  • Participate in plantation establishment and maintenance.

The qualification is designed to be flexible and accessible so that people are able to demonstrate the competencies required to work safely and effectively in silvicultural operations.

Course Outcomes

  • Supervise and participate in wildfire suppression.
  • Clear trees.
  • Participate in and supervise silviculture-related activities.

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Course Curriculum

  • Communicate using a two-way radio system.
  • Conduct maintenance on herbicide applicators.
  • Cross-cut felled trees using a chainsaw in a production situation.
  • Cut felled timber using a chainsaw and maintain chainsaw.
  • Debranch felled trees using a chainsaw in a production situation.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic safety in forestry operations.
  • Fell trees with a chainsaw using the standard technique and felling levers.
  • Conduct basic forestry map reading.
  • Control activities at an airstrip during aerial wildfire suppression.
  • Organize forestry work team activities.
  • Control forestry work team activities.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of silviculture in commercial forestry.
  • Lead a strike attack force to contain or extinguish a wildfire.
  • Manage a controlled burn.
  • Manage a crew during wildfire suppression.
  • Manage individual and team performance.
  • Work as a project team member.
  • Manage a chemical store on a forestry plantation.
  • Operate brush-cutters in commercial forestry.
  • Perform fire-lookout duties.
  • Select and mark trees for thinning in commercial forestry.
  • Operate an electronic fire surveillance facility.
  • Perform administrative functions during wildfire suppression.

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