Fire and Rescue Activities Course

This Learning Unit covers support operations at fire incidents, single-person high-angle rope rescue (level 1) and fire-ground operations necessary to ensure life safety.

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Completing this course will enable you to:

The learner will perform tasks in support of and to enhance the effectiveness of life safety and fire control efforts at a fire incident, and be able to pursue a career in an emergency service.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain fire behaviour.
  • Understand basic building construction in the context of the effects of fire.
  • Set up ground ladders.
  • Force entry into premises and structure.
  • Perform ventilation safely.
  • Conduct loss control activities.
  • Illuminate the emergency scene.
  • Control building utilities.
  • Protect evidence of fire cause and origin.
  • Access areas using single person rope work skills, lower equipment and basic rig systems safely.
  • Perform all tasks safely, effectively and efficiently.
  • Secure an adequate water supply.
  • Extinguish fires in exterior Class A materials.
  • Extinguish a motor vehicle fire.
  • Control an interior structure fire.
  • Extinguish an ignitable liquid fire.
  • Control a flammable gas cylinder fire.
  • Conduct a search and rescue operation in a structure.

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Why choose our Fire and Rescue Operations Courses?

  • Low-pressure lesson environment.
  • Extensive 20′ years experience in firefighting
  • Structured modular lessons.
  • We focus on both theory and practical knowledge.
  • Fully-accredited, experienced instructors.

Fire and Rescue Operations Courses

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